Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this : to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world. -James 1:27

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A need

I have a need...
I will be coming home on oct. 16 BUT I don't have a car to get me around anymore. So, I know that I serve a big God and that He knows all my needs. And, I know thatoften He meets needs when we make the needs known.

So, the need is a car. My thought is: Can I borrow yours? Ha. Well really it is, do you have an "extra" car that I can borrow from mid Oct to Feb- or anytime in between?
Mostly I would use it just to get around Austin, but might use it to take small tripsto New Braunfels, Houston, and Dallas, and Flatonia.

If you can help or know someone who might be able to help me in this need, then pleaseemail me at aggienat@hotmail.com. That would be a HUGE blessing because Austin is much bigger than Mbale so I can't exactly walk everywhere I need to go and there are no boda-boda bicycle men that can ride me around either. Ha. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


It is really hard to express in words... and even soak in... the miracle that has happened in our midst here at LCH.


She came home on Wednesday, having been cleared by the doctors that traveling from Kampala and her stability were ok. The intensity and seriousess of her situation are really more than most could understand, outside of her parents. In all honesty, she could have died at any point, but the Gracious Father kept and preserved her through seemingly impossible situations.

Yesterday all the staff and kids met together for a corperate time of thanksgiving to the Lord for the work He has and is continuing to do. There are many times in life that we don't know now or may never know why things happen. But, Edward stated yesterday that this is one of those times, but if this brought the begining of the staff and kids of Lulwanda to gather and pray together weekly, then He gives the Lord glory.

Please continue to pray for Nellie, as her head is still very swollen and a piece of her skull will not be replaced for about a year. Also pray for her parents, Edward and Harriet, that the Lord would strengthen and encourage them as they have to treat their 14yr old as a baby again and will have to learn and train her in behavioral changes that have occured as a result of this whole thing. BUT glory to God in the Highest. Our God is a miracle worker!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Seasons in Uganda

Oh the Lord is good and in Him is the fullness of joy. I was reading today in my Beth Moore study that "when various spokespeople and lay people who are seeding God in very different places hear the same biblical principles as a fresh revelation, we are wise to perk up our ears." Well, I feel like the Lord is teaching and reavealing to me the same lesson in different words and perspectives over the past 2 months. I still am in a processing time, but I will share more when the full revelation (or at least I can combine my thoughts into understandable sentences). But I love that forever I will be a learner and I continue to pray for a teachable and moldable heart. So, NEW SEASON #1- God is leading me into something new through His word.

NEW SEASON #2- I have prayed for over a year now that the Lord would bring me a kindred spirit in the faith- preferably and American girl in the same season of life as me (hey, there is nothing wrong with praying specifics). Although the answer has looked very different (as far as only being breif time here in Uganda), I have been blessed to have His answer to this prayer through Haily and now Jacquline. It is so so sweet to have my best friend beside me and ministering and loving the precious kids that have completly captured and won my heart. She arrived on Sat, after a few delays. But the delays made for a great excuse for Glenn and I to find a nice restraunt by the beach of Lake Victoria (the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the world) and eat BIG fresh tilapia fish and chips. And when I say big I mean tail all the way to the fish lips. Ha. So, Jac is here now, safe and sound, and it has been so fun already to get to catch up and laugh and love the kids. I can't wait to see what else God has in store. If you are interested in a different perspective, she is a much better story teller than I am, so you can check out her blog at www.aupairjacquline.blogspot.com. She has already posted her perspective of being here.

NEW SEASON #3- When you arrive at LCH you once again see little kids lined up in the morning, singing the Uganda national anthem, and wearing their green bottoms and khaki tops with long white socks. What does this mean? Term 3 has started officially and so we are back into a season of learning. The kids are very excited to be back and the competition to be the brightest in class is on, seeing as Edward has been giving rewards to the 3 best students in each class after the term has ended. This past Sat., the top students went to Jinja, saw the source of the Nile, road on a boat, and eat lots of food. The kids love it and it is very motivating to work hard during the school year.

Well, I have not yet adjusted back to the necessity of going to bed early to get up at 6 to be ready for school. So I need to sleep now but wanted to give you some updates on what is happening. More is to come later, so sit tight.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Faces of Lulwanda

There are really not words for me to express how much I love these kids. This is the place the Lord has been calling me to and preparing me for for the past 10 years. Praise the Father that everyday is a new day of blessings and excitement and love and abundance if we choose to walk in HIS ways!

We are still on holidays from school and this is truly a fun time for me because I have more free time to simply play with the kids. It is hard to describe a typical day here, but here is a brief tour of what might be going on any given day at the home.

TOUR of LCH during the HOLIDAYS

As in any home, housework must be done. So you can imagine with 90 kids there is that much more to be done but also that many more little hands to help.

Whether coming from the garden with a fresh harvest for the days meal...

Or sorting maize so it can dry in the bright equatorial sun.

But of course there is time for being silly. As I was with the kids I hear them saying, "Look Auntie, Moses is a mussei (meaning old man)."

The kids are on a rotation everyday, by grade level as to what activity they will be doing after breakfast. Some color, some mold play dough, some do home activities, and some build with legos--- which the kids have gotten pretty good at.

And just like in every home, there are life lessons that are being taught. Specifically this day some of the P5 girls were learning to make bread.

There is also time for crocheting scarves, bags, and table doilies. SO, please start collecting your crochet needles and yarn that goes on sale at Hobby Lobby because these girls are getting good and there is a great interest, only a lack of supplies.

And since boys don't crochet, what do they do? Well, they love to get their hands dirty and often are helping with the animals. On my tour yesterday (given by 8 of the boys), they showed me where a turkey had laid 3 eggs, fed the cows matoke, found where a kitten was hiding on the other side of the fence, and then they showed me their favorite goat and proceeded to tell me a story of how one of them once sat on a goat and road it like a donkey. Ha. Kids have the funniest stories.

But the kids ALSO love to read, which is great for me, seeing as I am here to help them do that. So about everyday I have a group of kids that practice their reading to me. SO�please save up your children�s and chapter books because the Lord is in the working of bringing us a library here and you can help to donate to it. Just ask me how.

AND of course not a day passes without some sort of singing and dancing. I love how music is the heartbeat of Africa. This particular dance is the "Buganda" traditional dance, where you tie a scarf like thing around your butt and shake your hips like they might fall off. All while moving one step at a time and still shaking.

Overall these kids bring great joy to my heart. How could you not adore faces like these?!?!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A vessel

It is just so exciting and fun to see the different ways God is using me to spread His hope and to spread the insight into what He is doing here at LCH. Really, I serve a big, big God and He has great ways of shining His glory.

I just got a phone call from a classroom full of 3rd graders in San Antonio, TX. One of my dear friends is the teacher and this is the second year he has gotten his class involved (in some way) in what is happening here. It was so fun to hear their excitement and their questions about what interests them. God is just so good.

And this is not the first time I have been able to be the vessel or voice for these precious kids here. I had many people during the summer missions tell me that they read my blog. My Granny’s church did “Nickels for Natalie” all summer in their kids Sunday school classes to raise money for school supplies.

God can and will use any of us to speak on His behalf the hope, joy, and goodness of the Savior. I am so grateful that He has chosen to use me in this manner for this season of life. What a worthy cause for His kingdom!! And how beautifully He points to himself as Father, Shepherd, Provider, Keeper, Protector, Hope, and Love.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Night-time noises

I should be sleeping, I know. But I am not. Just thought I would share this…

It is 2am and I am in my room wasting time on the internet. But, seeing as there is no AC in my house the windows remain open 24/7. Usually at this time I am sleeping with the fan on, dead to the world, but seeing as I am awake and it is a bit cool outside there are some unusual noises that I am hearing.

Picture Africa, like national Geographic’s Africa deep in the bush during a night dance with drums beating and chanting. Well, that is what I hear. I am not sure why, seeing as I don’t live in the bush but the town. But there are beats on the drum echoing through the air, along with dogs howling to the beat. And occasionally I hear the annoying buzzing noise at my ear. All I can think of is, “MALARIA!! Get away.” Though I have been told that the mosquitoes that “sing” to you are only singing lullabies. It is the silent ones that carry malaria. I don’t know how true that is, but I know I will definitely have my net down tonight.

Oh… and I feel a bit like an unbathed street kid. Why you might ask? Well because I have ring worm on my arm. I have had it on my chest before, about right where the kids’ little heads rest when they give me a hug, BUT my arm. Why? How? And when will it go away? Knowing that it is spreadable, I have done my best to keep my arm out of the line of fire, but you would never realize how often your forearm gets grabbed at or brushed up against in a day until you try to avoid it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Funny story

SO funny today. I cannot believe how ironic this situation was…

Well, first you must know that I have a great friend here, Glenn, who is quite the joker. We go to the gym every day and sometimes he “tries” to follow me into the girls locker room to be funny. Usually I am able to hold him back at the door or quickly shoo him away. Well today he was feeling funny and tried to follow me. Usually I swing the door open as if I didn’t care but today I opened it slowly, as if to peep in, and said, “Nope, you can’t enter. There are naked girls in there.” But as the crack of the door was closing I saw something unexpected move. Then I realized what I had actually seen… a boob… of a lady laying on the bench that sits in front of the lockers that are right by the door to the entrance of the girls locker room (sorry if I have offended some of you by saying boob… this is not a bad story I promise).

So, a bit shocked myself, I let the door close quickly. Glenn persisted to joke about wanting to enter and I said, “No, really there is a naked woman in there.” Thinking I was making excuses for him not to enter he said, “It’s ok!” So, what am I to do??? I just opened the door and walked in, with it wide enough and him standing in lines sight to be able to see the surprise I had seen. HA!! That is what you get for being stubborn! I was very tickled inside that everything had played out as it had. How ironic that I had jokingly said there was a naked woman before I knew there actually was. Ha. It still makes me giggle.

When I walked into the gym, I found him with his head down as I went over and laughed at him in an “I told you so” kind of way. --- random.. as I had entered I asked the lady if she was sick, thinking maybe she was overheated, and she simply replied, “No. I just wanted to expose myself.” Ha. Well ok.