Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this : to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world. -James 1:27

Monday, August 17, 2009

Music Competition

Although our kids have been doing music for quite some time, this was the school's first year to compete in the Uganda Primary music competition. There are 8 "events" in total, including sight reading, traditional song, western song, traditional dance, original song, and original dance. I don't remember the other two.

Our kids had so much fun. They did AWESOME in the traditional and original songs and dances. This particular song (in the photos) was about a shepherd boy going out for month to herd his animals and the things he would need while in the bush and the celebration when he returned home safely.

They dressed Anthony up to be the "bush" where the shepherd was going.
Paul, the shepherd.

Nuruh, the shepherd's sister, warning him of the dangers in the bush.

Waiting to enter for the Western portion of the competition.Overall, our kids did great with the local/traditional/original things but have some work to do on the sight reading and western piece. I am not sure why they didn't pass to the next level, but hopefully next year. I wish internet was fast enough for me to post the video of their performance. Really, they were so good. You would have been proud!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sports competition

Last month our kids got to go for their second sports competition. This time, the girls competed in netball and the boys in football.
Netball is a game that I would best describe as basketball and ultimate frisbee combined. They toss the ball and make points by shooting it into a hoop. But if your team member throws you the ball then you can't run with it and must throw it to the next. If you drop it, then the other team has the chance to recover it.

Notice the kids watching the games from the tree.
Doreen, from P6 was selected to compete for the subcounty team, but that is where she stopped.

And of course football (soccer) is the universal sport played on every continent in the world.

Ivan (the one smilingin the front) made it to the national level (again!!- he was our child that went for track and field in Gulu) and played for the Mbale team. The team made it to the final four and then were eliminated.

And this photo is random, but one thing I really like in Uganda is all the flowering trees. Yellow, purple, red, pink, white- they are just beautiful.
And another picture of "Africa" captured in still form.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life in photos

I have not done a very good job at keeping up with what is happening here. Sorry. As you probably know, we have had many visitors and many activities, all while still being in the second term of school. But hopefully over the next few weeks I can post some things that I never got around to and other photos that just show life here.

I am blogging by the motto that a picture holds a thousand words. Hopefully that proves true.

Crusades: I think we have opened nearly 13 churches this summer. What that means is that American churches from all over have "sponsored" the purchasing of a piece of land somewhere in East Africa, the building of a church building, a pastors house, and sometimes a medical clinic or more, and a water well. When the American team is here, they spend M-F going hut-to-hut evangelizing and sharing about the Good news and love of Jesus Christ. They also invite the people that they meet to attend the afternoon crusades. The picture below is of a crusade. At the crusades there is loud music, dancing, people share their testimonies of what God has done in their lives, and the Gospel message is presented again. It is on Sundays, after a full week of getting to move around the community, that the new church is officially open and dedicated. One of the pastors that is trained from the Bible College in Mbale is then placed at that new church.
Mbale Town: I like Mbale. After spending a full 5 days in Kampala, hosting some friends who were looking at a leadership academy, I have grown to appreicate Mbale even more. Although there is not but 3 good restraunts to eat at and although I can't find the variety of foods or shops like I can in Kampala, Mbale is still a better place to live. It is beautiful for one thing. Not exactly the roads with potholes, but there is Mt. Wanale that I see everyday. And many people that dress in traditional wear. It also has the nice feel of a small town, in that I can always run into someone I know as I am walking around town. And Kampala traffic is so annoying and takes forever and is the hub of at least 1/4 of the world's air pollution. So, all in all, Mbale is good for me and Kampala is a nice treat to visit and eat good food (I did find a great place that served very decent quesadilla and brownie sundays and in my 5 days, I ate at this place for 5 of my 10 meals). Ha, can you tell that food is one of the main things I miss.
Here is Mbale town, from the top of an Indian restraunt.

More to come, so stay in touch.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dyana we will miss you!!

Sorry there are doubles, it won't delete for some reason.

Yesterday we had some shocking news that has sadly impacted the children's home. Our wonderful nurse came back about 3 weeks ago from being home for her brother's funeral but hadn't been feeling well since she had returned to Uganda. Yesterday she went into town and did tests to see what was wrong. To her surprise her white blood cell count was extremely too high, indicating that she has Leukemia. How? Why? Since when? We don't know.

So by the blessings of the Lord, flight details were worked out for her to leave tonight back to the US to start treatment.

We had a wonderful prayer meeting to pray healing over her and we know (from experience) that our God is a miracle worker. So we (as staff and kids) are believing total healing over her and that she will return to us one day.

We can't always know or understand things that happen but we know that God does know and that God is good.

Dyana seems in shock, sad, but also hopeful. His grace is sufficient for her and she is holding fast to that. Please be praying for her!!!