Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this : to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world. -James 1:27

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Swimming in December

One of the many really great things about living in Uganda is that it is always nice weather. Never too cold. Never TOO hot (though the sun is quite intense). AND it is swimming weather all year round- so plans are never interrupted based on the month.

One of the best memories from this holiday (so far) is getting to treat the P6 with a little outing. We took the kids to town and planned a meal with all their favorite foods: spaghetti, apples, and banana bread.

Then we took them to Mt. Elgon Hotel to go swimming. I can't beging to describe the joy-filled squeels and laughter as they eased their way into the pool- many for their first attempt at swimming. They were very cautious at first, until I reassured them that they were all tall enough to touch the bottom. Some even started to get the very basics of swimming down (well kicking their feet and moving their arms at the same time- all while being held up by a floatie)

It was a splendid day and I hope to slowly be able to take out all the kids for a special treat.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Festivities

There have been a lot of fun Christmas festivities this month. I have appritiated the old and new friends that God has given me here.

We had a nice, dress-up party at Mt. Elgon hotel. There are not many reasons to dress up here, so it was fun to get all dolled up. Here are me and my housemates (the 4th one left at the beginning of the month to go back to school).

All the girls.

And I have been so grateful to have the chance to decorate some trees. We have little midget ones (three that are not bigger than 2 ft. tall), but I got to help Glenn decorate his- complete with tacky lights and plastic starts.
Me, Natasha, and Tiffany. I really like living in another country because it is very easy to make friends from different places. Natasha and her husband are from Australia and Tiff is from London. Sometimes I get a bit lost with the British terms, but they are becoming good friend to me.
Oh- this is our new puppy, Daisy. She is so fun to have around and SO cute.
Emily has recently (within this week) decided to take up the violin again. Just in time to have beautiful Christmas carols ring through the house.
Then I wanted to learn, but it is not easy at all. I don't think i will continue my lessons.
My little gifts :)


Last week I had a wonderful time at a retreat center called Mto Moyoni (meaning streams of life). It was right on the Nile River and so the view was beautiful.

This was my favorite spot to rest, be still, and know that He is God.

Our little bandas that we stayed in. I went by myself but met some new friends while I was there.

The monkeys were very funny and I watched them play everyday in the trees, chasing each other and looking for food.
And there was time for some fun.
I went through what they call their Transformation week, so there was some teaching- searching out ungodly beliefs, etc. But God is faithful, and most of the issues/topics that were discussed at the retreat, He had already placed on my heart in the past few weeks. Overall, it was a very refreshing time to be renewed and have uninterrupted time with the Lord.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas


Hello. Well i have been away and the internet has been off for like 12 days, so i havent had much connection with the outside world. I am eager to share photos and their stories but right now it is too late to continue on the internet.

But I did want to say I am doing well. I am headed to Mama and Pastor's house tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and will spend the night there. Christmas day we have a special service at church and then come home for a feast. So, although the weather gets hotter by the day, I am eager for my second Ugandan Christmas.

I hope your day is filled with the joy knowing that just as the people of long ago were waiting for a Messiah to come, we to can wait in expectation for the RETURN of our Saviour. Be blessed!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday time...

I am about a week behind, but here are some events of the first part of holiday.

We had our roommate Christmas celebration, complete with plastic bag wrapping and accapella Christmas carols.
No, not wine, only water in a wine glass.

Brooklyn is a wonderful artists and drew this photo of one of the boys at the children's home in Kenya.

You might be wondering why we had Christmas so early... Sadly, Brooklyn went back to the USA last week. We had a nice goodbye dinner with the girls at our favorite Indian food restaurant.I have also had some time to hang out with my Ugandan sisters. Phoebe, Fiona, Winnie, and me before dinner.

After taking the girl photo, Glenn jumped in too.

It is always a special day when I get to put on my gomas. This time I did it all myself without any help from Jaja or the girls. (The gomas is about 6 meters long and you have to fold it in accordion style and then time on the belt). I am here with my friend Linda. Week 2 of holidays coming soon...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A visit to Kenya

Last month I had the opportunity to visit another children's home in Kitale, Kenya (associated with the Church of Christ group).

The journey there was an adventure within itself. Jennifer (my housemate) and I left on a Matatu (a taxi van) around 9am. Having switched matatus 5 times, crossing the border, and wondering if we would ever make it, we finally arrive 6 hours later. The journey normally only takes 3 hours-- so I learned a lesson about public transport and the great patience needed.

One of my favorite memories from the weekend was getting to take some of the girls from the home out into town to get icecream and sodas. They dressed in their Sunday best and held onto our hands as we made our way through town.

We stayed at a great guest house (Karibuni Lodge) that served some of the most excellent food that I have had in Africa. We did use pit-latrines and this was a source of amusement every time I would walk in.

I won't claim any credit with this wonderful mural... my housemate, Brooklyn, is awesome and completed 2 murals in 2 weeks. I got to help her to finish with some of the outlining and stripes. It was fun to be artistic.

This is Mt. Elgon. I have never seen it from Mbale, but I saw this beautiful sunset over it from Kitale.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

We've reached the end...

Kind of a dramatic title, I know. But it leaves room for questioning- what end? The end of the school year, of course!! That is right. Our school year runs from Feb. to the end of Nov. So now we have about a month and a half off of school. I will still be going to LCH, only now I don't have to teach but will be able to do things like crafts, games, painting, baking, and just hanging out with the kids. I am really looking forward to it.

So, the results are out for the best students in each class.

Baby: #1=Esther B. (from the community), #2=Joel, #3=Samuel (or Samwiri as we call him)
Tops: #1=Gift, #2=Norah, #3=Timothy
P1: #1=Shadrack (or Wycliff as some call him), #2=Kattrine (community), #3= Sarah Kainza
P2: #1=John, #2=Abel, #3= Allan John (community)
P3: #1=David Yeko, #2=Malvin, #3=Faith Nambuyo
P4: #1=Dinah, #2=Brenda Nabwire, #3=David Lucky & Brenda Babirye
P6: #1=Emma 0, #2=Naster, #3=Doreen K.

We also had a wonderful teacher's appreciation "breakfast" to thank them for their hard work, extra hours, creativity, and holistic support of the children. They are really such a great group of teachers.

The students really enjoyed the last week of school as their teachers were marking exams. They spent a lot of time beautifying the compound, playing football, doing educative games, and reading in the library.

Phonics is fun ALL the time!! I was giving them words to spell or unlock using the phonics they have learned.

This is my friend Betty. She works at LCH with me and we have a lot of fun together.

In other news... one of the pigs had piglets (if you were at the banquet for GICF last year- it was the pig that the kids introduced as "Moisture"). So now we have 7 really cute piglets.
This black spotted one is my favorite. No good reason, I just think it is the cutest!

And the baby cow, Mercy Miracle, is doing very well. She had a rough start, but now is strong and growing.
So, that is it pertaining to school this year. I will continue to update my blog- so check back soon.