Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this : to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world. -James 1:27

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prayer Dedication and Outing

 Monday begins the national exam for our P7 candidates. This exam is the culmination of all of their primary studies.

Today we had a prayer dedication and outing for the P7 students. It was a wonderful day.


Please join us in praying for these students. There is a lot of pressure put on this exam, but they have also done a lot of studying. Pray that they would have focused minds, would recall everything they have learned, would be filled with peace, and have good health in this next week. 


We then left LCH and headed to the nearby Mt. Wanale. After a little hike we reached a beautiful waterfall. And had to cross the river.

And had a little fun in the water...

Along the walk up, children and teachers were instructed to pick 4 things they thought were beautiful. When we reached the waterfall everyone shared with 4 different people some encouraging words about the person they chose, gave them the beautiful item, and then prayed for their friend.

And just when we thought the fun was ending...

Thoroughly wet, we posed for a photo and headed back to the bus.

The day ended with lunch at my house.

And every child received multiple success cards wishing them all the best in their upcoming exams. 

Thank you for praying with us. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Holiday is so much fun!!!

I love when the children are on holiday from school. Mid August to mid September was Term 2 holiday. The Lord is so good in his timing of this holiday. Having come off of a super busy summer, it was wonderful to get to have a whole month with the children to play, chat, and celebrate together. 

Little puppies bring great joy. 

I took the P6 class swimming at Mt. Elgon. What a blast. 
Whoever brought this blow up shark this summer... THANK YOU. I have never seen kids enjoy a pool toy more. Kids sat. Kids road. Kids tried to jump onto it. Its tumbled into the water. Kids playfully struggled over who would have it next. Kids fell into the water. It was great. Literally hours of fun. 

Three groups of LCH children were taken to visit the little ones at St. Kizito Babies' Home. 

This is Peter and Jane. Peter lost his mother and twin brother at birth. He was brought the St. Kizito weighing 1kg. By God's grace and miracle, Peter is healthy and slowly gaining weight and growing. Jane is a sweet girl with CP. She is now about 6 years old. Please pray for this sweet little girl. 

After the visit to St. Kizito, I took the groups to get ice cream at the local super market. This group was able to eat on the 2nd story veranda that overlooks the busy town center.

Our older children (P7 - all secondary students) were able to attend a youth conference at a church in town. It was a great blessing to each of them. A small group of them even had the chance to dance back up during a song performed by our social worker, Moses. 

Many helping hands filled the kitchen, whether to stir or pray that some batter dripped so that they could sample. All in preparation for....

Our HAPPY BIRTHDAY party, celebrating the lives of those children and staff
 born between May - August. 

Laughter filled the main hall as they watched the craziness of their friend attempting to drop yogurt into another friend's mouth.

There was also special entertainment by the Rockstarz Entertainment dance crew.

And we said goodbye to our dear friend, Sarah H, who spent the whole holiday with us. 

The birthday celebration ended with a few more crazy games, like the biscuit challenge 
(who can eat a pack of biscuits the fastest?)

And the soda chug

What a way to celebrate!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Safari at Murchison Falls National Park

Awesome = inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear; 
causing or inducing awe. 

Romans 1:20  For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen,being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

The nest of a beautiful yellow weaver bird.

Western Uganda holds some of the world's most awe inspiring creatures. I feel blessed to have been invited to join one of the summer teams to travel to Murchison Falls National Park. To see these animal, not in a cage in the zoo, but in their natural environment is beyond description. Thank you, Lord.

And now a photo of the famous Murchison Falls. 

And I bet you have not compared your hand to the paw print of a hippopotamus before :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Catching up #3

There were so many events happening this summer. Here are a few more. 

Just too cute.
Lulwanda Primary School held a teacher conference for our teachers and 60+ teachers in the Mbale district.

Science experiments. They had never seen the soda volcano with mentos and were pretty excited. 

"But teach... aren't we wasting soda? Can't we just drink it?"
(Notice the clever student who ran to get a cup in between volcano set ups :) )

105 Buckets of Hope were delivered to our neighbors around Lulwanda.
(1 kg beans, posho, rice, sugar, gnut paste, soap, vaseline, a mosquito net, and a bible)

My team about the head out. Carrying these buckets was not small task at about 6kg each

Delivering tangible hope to the poor and needy.

AND if the summer events were not enough, Lulwanda Primary School students also spent countless hours preparing and practicing for the primary school Music Competition.
Some of my beautiful girls in their traditional wear

The traditional song of the area about going hunting.

My old man friend, Josephat.

And his cute little dog :)

Music competition also includes a drama/skit

And last but not least, Lulwanda Children's Home received special visitors, the Palmer family, who are preparing and fundraising to serve as missionaries with LCH starting in 2014. Please pray with them as the take this step of obedience to move to Uganda and love/disciple the children of LCH. 
John, Lily, Bobbi, Jackson Palmer and Cathy at the local market