Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this : to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world. -James 1:27

Saturday, March 29, 2014

All in a Saturday morning...

As I got home from a morning in town I started reflecting on the  norms of this "lazy" Saturday morning. My thankful words uttered to the Father also made me realize that some of these things are beyond normal for some of you, so I thought I would share as a little insight into my life:

Thank you Lord for:
- Saturdays with no set agenda
- a town small enough to walk the whole of (especial as I am hand delivering checks to the various banks to pay staff salaries)
- the extreme convienience of boda bodas (motorbike taxis) and their cheap fairs (less than 50 cents) 
- making a house call to the physical therapist who made my neck feel better all in the comforts of her living room with her cutie little baby crawling around (and all for less than $8, which I had to insist that she take and at least bless someone else with)
- meeting up with a friend at the hottest new coffee shop in town to catch up on life
- the sandwiches they serve at the coffee shop. Wonderful, super yummy sandwiches on fancy bread and everything. A treat that has not been offered in Mbale in the whole time I have been here. 
- walking out of the coffee shop, which has mentally transported me to America with its wonderful familiarity, then being back on the Main Street and being reminded of how awesome God's grace is that He has chosen me to be here
- a town I call home where I can walk down the street, buy two poster maps and a small book; go to the movie store to get the latest release ( often times before they have been released in America), make my way through two allies to the market, where the tailor alters a top for me as I wait, then go to buy farm fresh eggs from the man on the street
- for an international house and the opportunity to love and be loved (I currently am staying with girls from London, America, Holland, Australia, and Uganda) 
- simplicities and complexities
- the sound of school children walking down the road and a football match going on in the distance, all while I sit in my sunroom and type this blog on my phone
- time to putter in the kitchen: making brownies (that are selling like hotcakes at the coffee shop) and brewing tea to start a new batch of kombucha
- clean water to drink (as I fill up a container to pour into the water filter) 
- for friends old and new that quickly become like family

My heart is thankful for days that my overflow response is to bless The Lord for all the "normals" in my life. 

And I can't forget to thank The Lord for the daily amusements I see on the streets. Today's sight was this man selling traditional music CDs as he rolled his sound system around and announced his product through the microphone.