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Thursday, November 26, 2009

We've reached the end...

Kind of a dramatic title, I know. But it leaves room for questioning- what end? The end of the school year, of course!! That is right. Our school year runs from Feb. to the end of Nov. So now we have about a month and a half off of school. I will still be going to LCH, only now I don't have to teach but will be able to do things like crafts, games, painting, baking, and just hanging out with the kids. I am really looking forward to it.

So, the results are out for the best students in each class.

Baby: #1=Esther B. (from the community), #2=Joel, #3=Samuel (or Samwiri as we call him)
Tops: #1=Gift, #2=Norah, #3=Timothy
P1: #1=Shadrack (or Wycliff as some call him), #2=Kattrine (community), #3= Sarah Kainza
P2: #1=John, #2=Abel, #3= Allan John (community)
P3: #1=David Yeko, #2=Malvin, #3=Faith Nambuyo
P4: #1=Dinah, #2=Brenda Nabwire, #3=David Lucky & Brenda Babirye
P6: #1=Emma 0, #2=Naster, #3=Doreen K.

We also had a wonderful teacher's appreciation "breakfast" to thank them for their hard work, extra hours, creativity, and holistic support of the children. They are really such a great group of teachers.

The students really enjoyed the last week of school as their teachers were marking exams. They spent a lot of time beautifying the compound, playing football, doing educative games, and reading in the library.

Phonics is fun ALL the time!! I was giving them words to spell or unlock using the phonics they have learned.

This is my friend Betty. She works at LCH with me and we have a lot of fun together.

In other news... one of the pigs had piglets (if you were at the banquet for GICF last year- it was the pig that the kids introduced as "Moisture"). So now we have 7 really cute piglets.
This black spotted one is my favorite. No good reason, I just think it is the cutest!

And the baby cow, Mercy Miracle, is doing very well. She had a rough start, but now is strong and growing.
So, that is it pertaining to school this year. I will continue to update my blog- so check back soon.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And the Winner is...

That's right. LCH Nursery School placed #1, again. This time it was at the district level. So spirits were very high today and things look promising for next year when the competition will go all the way to nationals.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nursery School Competition

I love the little kids. They are so funny. And even more funny when there are all sorts of kids from many different villages trying to do skits, songs, and dances. Last week our LCH Nursery School participated in the first EVER Nursery Music, Dance, Drama competition. The Baby and Tops class (basically preschool and kinder) loaded up in the van for the 2 minute drive to a neighboring school. Despite the short distance, the kids were so excited to get to go off property and be among other kids their age. I am happy to report that in the sub-county level, LCH ranked number one in all areas!!! So, tomorrow (Thurs) they are competing at the district level. I will let you know how it goes. Seeing as this is the very first year for the competition for nursery, it will end at the district level, but they hope to go all the way to nationals next year.

There was a huge celebration after winning at sub-county. We loaded the kids up in two cars, which alternated in honking their horns passing through the village road to get to LCH. As we arrived, the cars did a victory lap as staff members and children came running out to see what was happening and hear all the nursery kids chanting, "Winna's" (=winners). It was great. The nursery kids were lifted into the air and really had something to feel proud about.

Funny faces...

Another school doing a dance. I only took video of our kids and internet is too slow to post them now.

The celebration...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a funny conversation...

So, I was sick on Thurs and Friday last week and stayed home to rest. But I went to work yesterday and as I drove up I looked at the school and then asked, why are all the classrooms shut? OOPS- they forgot to inform me that there was no school on Monday or Tuesday. But I made the most of it and was able to play cards and twister all day :)

At one point I was outside with some of the girl that were de-shelling gnuts (peanuts) and amidst all the questions about America (do we have peanuts?) or if those of Mr. Larry had reached America yet- I heard one distinct question from Maliza...

Maliza: "Teacher, why don't mzungus have "tee" in their mouth?"
Me: "What?"
Maliza: "Why don't mzungus have "tee" in their mouth?"
Me: "What?" -- with a tilted head and even more confused.
Maliza: "Why don't mzungus have "tee" in their mouth?"
Me: "Tee?"
Maliza: "Yes! The letter T. Like they say Na"d"alie instead of your real name."
Me: "Oh."- thinking about what she meant but before i could give an answer
Maliza: "And teacher, Mzungus have too much "R" "
Me: "Well yes, that is true. That's the way we were taught. And I guess we don't have T in our mouth because we are lazy. You are right about both."